Protect Colorado Collects 140,000+ Signatures for November Ballot Measures

Signature Collection Continues for Consumer Choice & Ballot Transparency

Denver, CO – Protect Colorado has collected more than 140,000 signatures for each of its proposed initiatives for the upcoming November 2020 ballot.  In order to qualify for the November 2020 ballot, Protect Colorado must submit 124,632 valid signatures to the Secretary of State’s office by August 3, 2020.  We will continue to gather signatures by following the constitutionally-mandated process.

Signature collectors are required to wear personal protective equipment and follow strict safety guidelines. We adjusted our operations ahead of official state and local rules for COVID-19. We have invested significant time and effort to promote health and safety while working with state and local officials.


Initiative 284

Initiative 284 is a Consumer Choice measure. Its goal is to prevent governments from removing consumer choice for what energy source is used in Colorado homes and businesses for cooking, heating homes and water, and powering equipment.

If 284 doesn’t pass, the next home you buy or remodel a home in Colorado – you may NOT have the option to install or use a gas range, gas fireplace, gas heat or other gas appliances. Government should not be allowed to take away our ability to choose an affordable, clean-burning, reliable and convenient energy source for heating our homes and cooking our meals. We urge Coloradans to vote YES to protect our right to choose natural gas.

Colorado consumers deserve to choose the best source of energy for their homes and families, whether it’s electric, alternative forms of energy, or natural gas. Natural gas is affordable, reliable and its use helps drive CO2 emission reduction. Restricting or banning its use would make housing unaffordable for many Colorado families, especially during financial challenges many are facing due to the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.

Without 284 – local and state governments would be able to enact laws restricting or banning natural gas usage in newly constructed homes and buildings. Natural gas bans are on the rise in cities across America, including Berkeley, California and Brookline, Massachusetts.  The measure would continue to allow Coloradans to choose their preferred energy source that fits their own family needs, budgets and usage.

75% of Coloradans use natural gas as their primary source of energy to heat their homes and cook their meals. Voting YES on the Consumer Choice initiative is a vote to preserve choices for Coloradans.


Initiative 304

Initiative 304 is a Fiscal Impact Statement measure that would allow voters to understand the true and total cost of a ballot initiative. Its purpose is to provide voters with clear information about the total cost of any proposed ballot initiative.

Currently, the only economic impact provided to Colorado voters by the state is the direct impact a measure would have on the state budget. That information is given to voters through the blue book, a form of communication that some are unaware of. This Fiscal Impact Statement measure would allow a verified study to be placed in the ballot language – so that voters can read it as they fill out their ballots. The information will appear directly on their ballot. Total costs include the impact on employment (job losses or gains), Colorado’s economy, state revenues, as well as the initial price tag.


About Protect Colorado

Protect Colorado supports state and local ballot initiatives that promote a vibrant Colorado economy and opposes those measures that seek to harm Colorado’s economy and way of life. Protect Colorado is committed to presenting voters with excellent public policy questions, such as ensuring consumer choice for energy and total cost transparency for ballot initiatives.