Election 2020: Support Initiative 304

Coloradans deserve to know the cost of what they’re voting for when they cast their ballots.

Expertly researched information should be readily available to voters reading their ballot. Coloradans deserve to know what they are voting for when they cast their ballots, including the impact on:

  • Colorado’s economy
  • Jobs
  • Taxes

How does it work now?
Right now, Colorado only analyzes the financial impact a proposed ballot measure would have on the state budget. That information is then sent to voters in the Colorado Blue Book. The Blue Book information leaves out key information about the true impact a ballot measure would have on our state.

What would Initiative 304 do?
Initiative 304 would allow voters to see the true cost any ballot measure would have on jobs, the economy, and taxes as they fill out their ballots.

The purpose of this measure is to provide voters with clear information about the total cost of any proposed ballot initiative on their ballot as they fill it out. Total costs include the impact on employment (job losses or gains), Colorado’s GDP, state revenues, as well as the initial price tag. This total economic cost of a ballot measure should be included on your paper ballot.

In a recent editorial, the Colorado Springs Gazette called Initiative 304, “a huge win for Colorado communities.” The Gazette also urged Coloradans to, “continue countering these dangerous and irresponsible attacks on the energy industry” from fringe groups pushing for more anti-industry ballot measures, “by supporting initiatives 284 and 304.”

“[Initiative 304] would be a huge win for Colorado communities.”

—Colorado Springs Gazette (6/23/2020)

Coloradans have the right to know the true cost of a ballot measure before they cast their vote.

Support Initiative 304. Support transparency and voter information.

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