Election 2020: Support Initiative 284

Every day, Coloradans use natural gas to heat their water and power their cooktops. But some extremists want to take that choice away by banning natural gas in new construction and ending natural gas production in Colorado.

We support consumer energy choice in Colorado.

You deserve to choose the best source of energy for your home and your family, whether it’s electric, alternative forms of energy, or natural gas. Bottom line: Energy choice belongs to Coloradans.

We believe in consumer choice, especially when most Coloradans depend on clean-burning natural gas.

  • 75% of Colorado households use natural gas as the primary energy source for cooking food on their cooktops and in their ovens, drying clothes in the dryer, and heating their homes in the winter.
  • In Colorado alone, natural gas is responsible for over a quarter of electricity generated in 2019. We export the remaining 75%. Natural gas production is also a critical industry and source of tax revenue for our economy, including Colorado schools.
  • Colorado’s abundant natural gas reserves allows us to export reserves and put critical revenue back into our state economy. Our state’s natural gas reserves were integral in helping America achieve energy independence. Because of the development of Colorado’s natural gas resources, America no longer has to rely on foreign oil and gas from unfriendly nations.
  • The use of natural gas is the #1 driver of CO2 emission reduction in Colorado and the U.S.

What would Initiative 284 do?
Initiative 284 prevents governments from removing your consumer choice when it comes to what energy is used in homes and businesses for cooking, heating homes and water, and generators. If passed, local and state governments could not enact any laws banning natural gas usage in new construction.

In a recent editorial, the Colorado Springs Gazette called Initiative 284, “a huge win for Colorado communities.” The Gazette also urged Coloradans to, “continue countering these dangerous and irresponsible attacks on the energy industry” from fringe groups pushing for more anti-industry ballot measures, “by supporting initiatives 284 and 304.”

“[Initiative 284] would be a huge win for Colorado communities.”

—Colorado Springs Gazette (6/23/2020)

In short, Initiative 284 will protect Coloradans from natural gas restrictions and bans.

Support Initiative 284. Let Colorado families and businesses decide how they heat their homes, water, and cooktops.

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