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Protect Colorado Statement on Anti-Energy Ballot Initiatives

Contact: Karen Crummy
August 8, 2016

Protect Colorado Statement on Anti-Energy Ballot Initiatives

(DENVER) – “We are confident that Coloradans will see these measures for what they are: a backdoor fracking ban that would be economically devastating for our state,” said Karen Crummy, Communications Director for Protecting Colorado’s Environment, Economy, and Energy Independence.

“If passed, they would eliminate 90 percent of all new oil and natural gas development. This means more than 140,000 of our friends and neighbors will lose their jobs, and everyone in the state will surrender $217 billion in economic activity over the next 15 years. These initiatives would also allow the government to take private property, costing taxpayers billions of dollars in compensation costs. This is not the Colorado way and is out of step with the majority of Coloradans who support responsible oil and natural gas development.”