Polis & Natural Gas Industry Agree: Allow SB 181 to Work for Colorado

Ballot Battles Set Aside Through 2022

DENVER – Governor Polis published an op-ed titled “Give pivotal new oil & gas law a chance to work,” where he explains that this landmark environmental legislation was designed to bring regulatory certainty to the oil and natural gas industry and local communities in Colorado. He announced he will actively oppose any oil and natural gas-related ballot measures through 2022 to allow SB 181 time for implementation. He also asked the General Assembly to partner in this effort and allow SB 181 to work before taking further legislative action.

Win for All Coloradans

The oil and natural gas industry is vital to Colorado’s economy. Natural gas, in particular, is a critical part of a clean energy future. The industry employs more than 200,000 Coloradans and generates billions to help fund necessities like schools, parks, and roads. Our employees are essential workers and continue to provide affordable and reliable energy for Colorado produced right here at home.

Avoiding Oil and Natural Gas Wars Through 2022

Over the past four election cycles, our industry has been forced to protect our employees and our business from divisive ballot measures that would effectively ban new oil and natural gas development in Colorado. Today, we join with Governor Polis and mainstream environmental organizations and agree not to pursue ballot measures in 2020 and work together to prevent adverse ballot measures in 2022. We appreciate and respect the over 185,000 Coloradans who signed our petitions and we will continue to engage them to protect Colorado’s energy industry and provide residents with an environmentally sound and cost-effective source of energy.

Collaboration for a Better Colorado

Since Colorado voters voted down additional setbacks in 2018 with Proposition 112, the industry has been focused on the successful implementation of SB 181. We will continue to work collaboratively with the Governor, General Assembly, and key stakeholders to ensure SB 181 is implemented smoothly, but we will respond if adverse measures are filed or regulations are advanced that don’t reflect a collaborative process. We will defend our employees, investors, customers and Colorado itself.

Unity Around Colorado’s Landmark Energy Legislation

Now is the time for Colorado to come together. We appreciate the Governor’s call to allow time for SB 181 to be implemented properly and thank him for his commitment to oppose divisive and expensive ballot fights for the next two years. We hope all parties are committed to his goal of developing rules that make sense without further legislative directives impacting the industry. We will continue to do our part to help Colorado’s communities thrive and grow, to provide good jobs for Coloradans, and to be a cornerstone in rebuilding the economy we share.