4 Ballot Measures Aim to Ban Fracking in Colorado

Colorado ballot measures ban frackingFractivists will stop at nothing to ban oil and natural gas development in Colorado.

Instead of working toward a compromise with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), they prefer to take the most extreme action possible: amending the state constitution. Four anti-fracking measures that would ban fracking have been approved for signature gathering.

Each measure has to gather 98,492 signatures by August 8th before it can make it onto the November ballot—a goal that will be difficult since most Coloradans support oil and natural gas development.

But just in case, fractivists have enlisted out-of-state funding to hit their target. Here’s what you need to know about these extreme measures, all of which would ban fracking in Colorado:

  • Measure No. 40 would give local governments the power to “define or eliminate the rights and powers” of businesses, including oil and gas companies. This would permit local governments to ban any business they choose for any reason.
  • Measure No. 63 establishes a right to a “healthy environment.” This would allow any and every Coloradan to sue if they feel the environment is endangered—potentially bankrupting local governments and making it impossible to run a business in our state.
  • Measure No. 75 transfers the authority to regulate oil and natural gas development from the state to local governments. This would create a patchwork of regulations across the state and label Colorado as hostile to business.
  • Measure No. 78 establishes a 2,500-foot setback from “areas of special concern” including any occupied structure, lakes, intermittent streams, and public open space. This would strip away the rights of property owners and lead to years of expensive litigation fights. But that’s not all. This measure would also eliminate 87% of all new oil and natural gas development in Weld County alone, where the majority of activity in the state occurs.

Fractivists are finally putting their money where their mouth is—taxpayer dollars, that is. These four measures would not only devastate Colorado’s economy, they would cost Colorado residents hundreds of millions – or even billions – of dollars in lawsuits.

But fractivists don’t care. They won’t stop until they get what they’re really after: a ban on all oil and natural gas development in Colorado.

Tell fractivists: Coloradans don’t want to pay millions in lawsuits or have their property rights revoked.


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