Why a Ballot Measure Increasing Setbacks Is Unnecessary

Fractivists want you to believe that oil and natural gas development occurs anywhere and everywhere in Colorado. The truth? Colorado’s oil and natural gas operations take place at legally mandated distances from homes and other structures.

In Colorado, these “setbacks” are some of the strictest regulations in the country. Current regulations require oil and natural gas wells to be set back 500 feet from residences and 1,000 feet from high-occupancy buildings.

With these rules already in place, our state’s oil and natural gas regulations are already working. That’s why CREED’s proposed ballot initiative No. 78 is unnecessary. Their ballot measure’s extreme language would increase our current setback requirements around “areas of special concern” to 2,500 feet.

Using vague terms like “intermittent streams” and “public open space,” fractivists are attempting to mask the main goal of their measure: ban fracking in Colorado. Intermittent streams could be interpreted to mean anything from a small puddle formed by rainfall to a backyard pool. And we couldn’t tell you what constitutes public open space.

What are the areas of special concern? Good question. Here are some examples:

  • Amphitheaters
  • Sports fields
  • Public parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Public open space
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Creeks
  • Irrigation canals
  • Intermittent streams

Fractivists want to trick Coloradans into thinking that this measure will protect their communities. But make no mistake. Current regulations already protect Coloradans and the environment. This measure is simply a tactic to ban fracking in our state.

Share our video and help expose initiative No. 78 for what it really is: a ban on fracking in Colorado.


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