3 Things to Know About the EPA Report

By Karen Crummy

pc_safewater_lh_1200x1200Last week, the EPA released its final report on the effects of fracking on groundwater.

While some publications called the findings a “reversal” or “U-turn,” the truth is that the results confirm the EPA’s earlier report that fracking has no “widespread, systemic impact” on drinking water. Thomas Burke, Deputy Assistant Administrator of the EPA’s Office of Research Development, summed it up best when he said the report was “full of gaps and holes.”

As you check out the report for yourself, here are three things to remember:

  1. The EPA isn’t the only organization to assess the impact of fracking on groundwater. More than seven studies, including those published by Yale University and Duke University, have found that fracking does not lead to water contamination.
  1. Here in Colorado, our regulations are some of the strictest in the nation. Colorado was the first state to require sampling before and after drilling, allowing regulators to monitor for any potential contamination near wells. What’s more, Colorado law requires that all oil and natural gas wells are encased with multiple layers of steel and cement to prevent permeation.
  1. This report could be misused to persuade local governments to restrict fracking in Colorado. The partnership between the state and local governments is what makes our regulations strong. When this is threatened, it puts our regulations and local economies at risk.

Colorado’s regulations ensure fracking in Colorado is done safely and responsibly, and studies across the country show fracking does not lead to water contamination.

Spread the word: Fracking has been occurring safely in the U.S. for over 60 years.


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