Local Fracking Bans Threaten Colorado

By Karen Crummy

pc_weeklytaxdollars_1200x1200Despite the failure of the anti-fracking ballot measures and the passing of Amendment 71, fractivists are still carrying out their fight to ban fracking through the end of 2016.

Last month, Boulder County voted to continue its fracking moratorium through the end of January, declaring the extension an “emergency.”

But the only emergency we see here is the state of taxpayers’ wallets.

From 2012 to 2014, the cities of Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette, and Longmont spent a combined total of $312,272 in legal costs defending their anti-fracking measures and lawsuits.

Rather than draining Coloradans’ pocketbooks, these councilmembers should invest these dollars into the community by funding roads and schools. Instead, they’ve chosen to push for illegal fracking bans while taxpayers foot the bill.

That’s right. Colorado courts already sent a message to local governments: Local fracking bans are unconstitutional. Yet, fractivists have continued their ruthless pursuit of banning fracking across the state.

It’s time for local officials and fractivists alike to recognize the benefits that oil and natural gas development bring to our state, including $31.7 billion for the economy and thousands of high-paying jobs.

Spread the word with your friends: A ban on fracking hurts Colorado.


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