Fracking Supports Colorado Businesses

By Karen Crummy

fracking small businessFor many Coloradans, the end of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of holiday shopping.

That’s good news for Colorado businesses as spending is expected to increase 10% this year.

But an uptick in holiday shopping isn’t the only thing benefitting Colorado’s local businesses this winter. Thanks to fracking, companies across the state are able to thrive.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s how fracking supports Colorado businesses:

  • Reduced energy costs. Nearly 98% of businesses in our state are small businesses, collectively employing one million Coloradans. For these business owners, every dollar counts. With a vast natural gas supply unlocked by fracking, there’s more energy to go around, which drives down energy costs.
  • Job growth. With lower energy costs, companies are able to grow their businesses and hire more employees. In fact, Colorado had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country last month.

When Colorado businesses thrive, our state’s economy benefits. Business Insider ranked Colorado’s economy as one of the top three in the nation. Without oil and natural gas development, Colorado’s economic growth wouldn’t be possible.

Whether you’re shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday to support local businesses, fracking helps make it possible.


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