Revenge of the Out-of-State Celebs: Anti-Fracking Ballots Return


Out-of-state groups invaded Colorado this month to attend a national anti-fracking summit and protest in Denver.

While most Colorado-based environmental groups didn’t participate in this demonstration, one new group popped up just in time for the weekend-long rally, Coloradans Resisting Extreme Energy Development (CREED).

This anti-fracking group is doing more than waving picket signs. They aim to reignite the fracking battle of 2014—a battle that the majority of Coloradans didn’t back then and don’t support now. CREED plans to push several ballot initiatives to allow Colorado cities and counties to ban fracking.

The costs of fracking bans are high, and we’re not just talking about money. A fracking ban would not only cost Colorado residents billions in property value compensation, it would also inhibit Colorado’s growing economy and environmental sustainability.

CREED claims they are out to “protect Colorado.” Instead, they’re doing just the opposite. By fighting to ban fracking in Colorado, these fractivists are threatening to take away nearly 213,000 jobs and $25.8 billion in economic activity.

CREED claims to be headed by Coloradans Tricia Olson and Lauren Swain. But how local are they really? Both have ties to national groups like the Sierra Club and Frack Free Colorado. Frack Free Colorado was founded by two New York celebrity organizations, Yoko Ono’s Artists Against Fracking and Mark Ruffalo’s Water Defense.

To date, the group has not reported contributions for 2016 ballot initiatives. But judging by the loud roar of cheers at the rally when the crowd was asked who wasn’t from Colorado, it sounds like CREED doesn’t have much local backing.

Share the facts on CREED and remind fractivists why you support fracking.


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